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We make it possible to give activities, experiences, and classes so kids unwrap adventures, skills, and fun!

Give the awe of an aquarium visit, a trick on a trapeze, a friendship made in ballet class - the long-lasting memories of a special experience

How It WorksSee how it works!


Create your custom registry

for a birthday or a party or just because…


Add your favorite activities to the list

from piano lessons to theme park trips and zoo memberships


Share the registry

family and friends contribute to your chosen activities

Receive memorable meaningful experiences!

Receive memorable meaningful experiences!


We are a team of entrepreneurs, professionals, and parents who passionately believe that activities and experiences have a greater impact than traditional gifts. Here is why:


We know our kids will always love TOYS. Our goal is to help them understand that a twirl in a dance recital, a day with friends at a surf camp, or the thrill of a rollercoaster can bring just as many smiles.

Activities and experiences

Studies have shown that activities and experiences last longer than physical gifts. They create enduring memories, encourage hobbies, build friendships, and bring families closer together.

Why not give a gift of Givetivity?


We’d like to help those who often wonder about the perfect gift by providing them with an opportunity to very easily and conveniently give an unforgettable experience – a homerun perfect gift!

Parental care

When it comes to what children want and need, parents know best. That’s why we empower parents to select the activities. We’d like to make sure no money is wasted on a duplicate or an uncherished toy.

Support local businesses

Our goal is to support local businesses like music or art teachers rather than manufacturers of mass-produced goods.


We’re committed to helping the environment, as no enriching activity will ever end up in a landfill!

If reducing clutter in your home and helping your children appreciate things they already have are your goals, Givetivity is your solution.

We believe in experiences, not stuff!


Jennifer, Seattle, WA
“Finally, a fun registry that doesn’t clutter my home!”
Jennifer | Seattle, WA
William, Philadelphia, PA
“My son wants to become a professional hockey player and now family and friends can contribute to his dream.”
William | Philadelphia, PA
Sandra, Los Angeles, CA
“I love the mission behind Givetivity and cannot wait to use it!”
Sandra | Los Angeles, CA