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3 Totally Awesome Experience Gifts for Kids

Every year, parents wish to find unique and fun gifts for their kids. Be it Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, or Bar Mitzvahs, the tradition of gift-giving is as old as time.

While many parents take the conventional route and give their kids the latest gadgets or popular toys, a rising number of parents are now rethinking the gift-giving process. They  prefer experiences that will enrich their child’s life while creating a wonderful memory that lasts forever.

Here are some interesting and fun ideas that will give your child the experience of a lifetime:

A Live Theater Show:

If your child likes shows, what better than celebrating their birthday by introducing them to theatre—giving them the gift of live performance.

If they can sit through a full length movie, they are old enough to experience live theater. For those who are concerned about their kid not being engaged – there are multiple options that suit a wide age range including the littlest ones. Some examples are AladdinThe Lion King, or Frozen. 

Fan Experience:

Another great way to bookmark your child’s birthday is by creating a fan experience around their favorite movie or cartoon. Whether your child is into Lego, Minecraft, superheroes, or Disney characters, there are always events happening all over the country that can provide them with the experience of a lifetime.

Most events such as WonderCon in Anaheim, Disneyland tours, or Legoland include special meet-and-greets as well as fun programming for the fans. A chance to meet their heroes is an awesome experience for any child!

Lessons/Classes/ Activities:

Has your child recently shown an interest in ballet,cooking, or art? If so, gifting a lesson or an activity session that is driven by their passion is the perfect gift. You can find numerous workshops and classes offered by local studios, recreation centers, or town parks that offer the activity of your choice. This is the ideal way to help your child pursue their passion while creating wonderful memories.

Awesome Experience Gifts with the Help of Givetivity

Givetivity is a unique platform that lets you create physical or virtual events online. Simply choose and event that your child will love and share the invite with friends and family. They can contribute towards the activity and make it a reality for your child! Sign up today to create the perfect gift for your loved one!

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