5 Things To Do as a Family

5 Things To Do as a Family This Holiday Season

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had? Some will say dancing, while others might say visiting a zoo. Some may even say enjoying a family meal around the holidays.

Very few people will say that they had the most fun of their life in receiving a gift. Physical gifts are fantastic way to show that you care, but it is very rare that they create memories that last a lifetime. No physical gifts can provide memories like that, which are treasured and can help to shape the way that a person will live in the future.

Alternative gifts are memorable because they make you feel a certain way, and feelings are more powerful than you might think – most people make their daily decisions based on how they feel rather than facts and data.

Here are 5 fun things to do as a family over the holidays this year that will bring you closer together and give you memories to cherish.

1 – Build Something

From manufactured plastic blocks to twigs from trees, there’s always the chance to put things together in a new way. Building a model of a house, a car, even a person can engage minds of all ages and create memories to cherish, and it doesn’t have to be a permanent construction. Think of the pleasure you might gain from creating a snowman or building a castle in the sand.

2 – Learn a Skill

If your holidays involve no physical gifts, you might find it fun to learn a new skill. It can be absolutely anything from circus skills to drawing to playing an instrument…the list goes on. Learning with members of your family is certain to give you memories to look back on for years to come.

3 – See a Show or Go to An Event

Shows and events can be great non-toy gifts for kids, and for the whole family. Shows can be local productions or on Broadway, or anywhere in-between – it’s the emotion of arriving and seeing the show that makes the difference.

Similarly, an event will leave an impression, even a football game. While the kids may not remember the game (or even the teams), they will remember the feeling of being together, tasting some sweet treats, and the atmosphere of the crowd.

4 – Tell Stories

A long-lost holiday tradition is the telling of stories. These stories can be yarns about Grandpa’s youth, or scary stories to tell as the sun sets. Spending time together is one of the experience gifts that people of all ages enjoy, and an entertaining story is one of the holiday gifts that keeps on giving. Not to mention the developmental benefits of storytelling to children. Will it be the same year after year, or will it get bigger, better, and more vibrant every time?

5 – Going Outside

Taking a walk around a beautiful area, perhaps fitting in a game or two on the grass and talking about everything and nothing can lead to a memorable time. No physical gifts are needed to create bonds and memories that last.

This year when making your holidays wish list, consider investing in experiences to create memories that last. Make a registry of activities with GIVETIVITY!

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